Fehlercodes: E01_Mini_ECOi

E01 Remote Controller Reception Error

(when indoor unit(s) are connected)

1. Error Detection Method

It is judged an error if no self-addressed communication is sent to the remote controller in a 3-minute period.

  • When a remote controller is set to sub remote controller.
  • When there are nine or more indoor units in a remote control group’s wiring.
  • When the CHK (check pin) and/or TEST (test pin) on the indoor unit control PC board are short circuited.
  • The nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) is not installed or faulty when turning on the power.
  • Indoor unit control PC board error
  • Remote controller check mode
  • Malfunctions of the remote controller itself (reception circuit error)

 2. Error Diagnosis

Auto Address
1-1 Is auto address setting complete? Yes 1-2
No 1-3
1-2 Is there an auto address setting error (Is the outdoor unit showing an alarm)? Yes 1-3
No 2-1
1-3 Conduct checks prior to auto address setting.
Group Control Wiring
2-1 Is that indoor unit under group control?  Yes 2-2
No 3-1
2-2 Are there any indoor units with their power off in the remote control group’s wiring? Yes  Power on
No 2-3
2-3 Are nine or more indoor units connected in one remote control group’s wiring? Yes Correct the wiring
No 2-4
2-4  Was the remote control group’s wiring changed after auto address setting was complete? Alternatively, were group settings changed in the remote control detailed settings mode? Yes 2-5
No 3-1
2-5 No main unit in the remote control group's wiring? Re-execute auto address setting.
Installation or setting related
3-1  Are the CHK pin and/or TEST pin on the indoor unit control board short-circuited? Yes Remove the short 
No 3-2
3-2 Is the wireless remote controller and/or optional control PC board connected to on the indoor unit’s control PC board? Yes 3-3
No 3-5
3-3  Disconnect the connector mentioned above on the PC board of the indoor unit control PC board, and see whether the E01 goes off after several minutes. (When doing so, if two remote controllers are being used and the wireless remote controller is the main remote controller, set the other remote controller as the main.) Yes  3-4
No 3-5
3-4 Replace all optional control PC board and/or wireless remote control parts including wiring.
3-5 Is the LED blinking on the indoor unit’s control PC board? Yes 3-6
No 3-7
3-6 The nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) on the indoor unit’s control PC board is either not installed, improperly installed or the nonvolatile memory is faulty. Correct this or after replacing the nonvolatile memory, write model data to it in the remote control detailed settings mode.
3-7  Is there a short, miswiring, disconnection, wrong contact or grounding in the remote control’s wiring?  Yes Correct the wiring
No Replace the indoor unit's control board  


  • The ‘/’ in the table indicates the DC motor’s indoor unit board/AC motor’s indoor unit board.
  • There is no TEST pin on the AC motor’s indoor unit board.
  • Regarding the remote controller check, refer to the Reference Materials.
  • For information on the procedures for replacing the nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) of the indoor unit and/or replacing the indoor unit’s control board, refer to the manual that is packaged with the indoor unit service board.