Fehlercodes: E08_Mini_ECOi

Duplicate Indoor Unit Address Settings Error

1. Error Detection Method

It is judged an error if the addresses of indoor units are duplicated. The indoor unit address settings are duplicated in the remote control detailed settings mode. The multiple unit DISP pin is shorted across the indoor unit whose address is Not Set.

2. Error Diagnosis

Indoor unit control PC board
1-1 Is the DISP pin on the indoor unit control PC board shorted?  Yes Remove the short
No 1-2
1-2 Conduct checks prior to auto address setting.
Does E08 fail to go off even after running auto address setting again?
Yes 1-3
No 1-4
1-3 The nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) on the indoor unit board has failed. → Replace the EEPROM.
1-4 Do not make changes to indoor unit addresses with the detailed settings of the remote controller.
Make them in the remote control address change mode.


  • The ‘/’ in the table indicates the DC motor’s indoor unit board/AC motor’s indoor unit board.
  • For information on the procedures for replacing the nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) of the indoor unit, refer to the manual that is packaged with the indoor unit service board.