Fehlercodes: E09_Mini_ECOi

More Than One Remote Controller Set to Main Error 

1. Error Detection Method

It is judged an error when more than one remote controller in a remote control group is set as the main remote controller.

  • Forgot to set one remote controller to sub in a 2-remote control group.
  • When using one wireless and one wired remote controller in a control group, forgot to set one of them to sub.

2. Error Diagnosis

1-1 Set one of the 2 remote controllers to sub.

Method for setting a remote controller to sub (CZ-RTC2)

  1. Press and hold both   +  buttons for 4 seconds or longer.

  2. This will display  , the item “01” and the setting data “0001” or the like on the remote controller’s display.
  3. Press Timer   /  buttons to switch the setting data to “0000”. (0000:SUB 0001:Main)
  4. Press  button (Once the display changes from flashing to steady, the setting is complete).
  5. Once you press   button, the remote controller returns to its normal display. 

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