Fehlercodes: H02_Mini_ECOi

PAM Error

1. Error Detection Method

Error is detected by over-voltage and overcurrent of DC side.

2. Error Diagnosis

Power supply*
1-1 Not satisfied with +10% rated supply voltage Yes Check power supply
No 1-2
1-2 Extreme voltage fluctuations Yes Check power supply
No 1-3
1-3 Extreme distortion of voltage waveform Yes Check power supply
No 2-1
PC board wiring    
2-1  Loose electrical wire connection Yes Correct connection
No 2-2
2-2 Is HIC PC board connector (CN-PAM) poorly connected or opened with wire? Yes Correct connection or wiring
No 2-3
2-3 Replace HIC PC board.

* Check not only in the outdoor unit stop mode but in the drive mode.