Fehlercodes: L10_Mini_ECOi

Outdoor Unit Capacity Not Yet Setup Error

1. Error Detection Method

It is judged an error when outdoor unit capacity not yet setup or systematically unauthorized setting.

2. Error Diagnosis

Check the control PC board
1-1 Was EEPROM replaced when PC board was replaced? Yes 2-1
No Replace EEPROM
Installation or setting
2-1 Set an applicable capacity value on the item code 81 display of maintenance remote controller.


Connect the outdoor maintenance remote controller and check whether item code 81 outdoor capacity value shows "0" or unauthorized capacity is set on the detailed setting mode display of the outdoor EEPROM. If the capacity value of the item code 81 with the outdoor maintenance remote controller is incorrect, recorrect and set it again.
* After setting the capacity value, be sure to reset the power supply switches of both indoor and outdoor units.