Fehlercodes: P03_Mini_ECOi

Compressor Discharge Temperature Error

1. Error Detection Method

When the discharge temperature is over 106°C.

2. Error Diagnosis

Adjustment to refrigerant charge
1-1 Not additional refrigerant charged Yes Additional refrigerant charge
No 2-2
1-2 Tends to have insufficient refrigerant charge in the system. Yes Adjust the refrigerant amount 
No Replace CR board

Blockage in refrigerant circuit


Service valve inside the outdoor unit closed Yes Open service valve
No 2-2


Are the tubes clogged? Yes Avoid clogging
No 2-3


Is the outdoor unit’s electronic control valve operating correctly? (Check for debris clogging the electronic control valve, a problem with the electronical coil and/or the control PC board.) Yes 2-4
No Replace the electronic control valve
2-4 Is it observable difference in status of the dew or frost between the strainer’s primary and secondary sides? Yes Replace the strainer
No Replace CR board