Fehlercodes: P14_ECOi_ME1

Alarm Code P14
Alarm meaning O2 sensor operation
Alarm conditions
  1. It is judged an error whenever the outdoor unit receives the signal “O2 Alarm Generated” from the indoor unit.
  2. With the indoor unit's EEPROM setting (item code 0B) set to 0001, the EXCT input was shorted.
Probable cause

Check and

  1. System configuration
       1-1 Is an O2 sensor being used?           If “Yes”, see “3-1”.
                                                                       If “No”, see “2-1”.
  2. 2-1 Indoor EEPROM setting
       Is the EEPROM setting, item code 0B,
       on the indoor control board set
       to 0001?                                                   If “Yes”, see “3-1” after modification.
                                                                        If “No”, see “4-1”.
  3. 3-1 EXCT wiring
       Is the EXCTsocket (wire) shorted?         If “Yes”, Modify the wiring.
                                                                        If “No”, see “4-1”.
  4. Indoor control board
       4-1 Is the alarm triggered if the EXCT
       socket (wire) is disconnected, and the
       power is reset?                                          If “Yes”, see “4-3”.
                                                                          If “No”, see “4-2 ”.
       4-2 Since there is no error, see what
       4-3 Indoor control board defective → replace board