Fehlercodes: P14_Mini_ECOi

O2 Sensor

1. Error Detection Method

  • It is judged an error whenever the outdoor unit receives the signal “O2 Alarm Occurred” from the indoor unit.
  • With the indoor unit's EEPROM setting (item code 0B) set to 0001, the EXCT input was shorted.

2. Error Diagnosis

System configuration
1-1 Is an O2 sensor being used? Yes 3-1
No 2-1
Indoor unit’s EEPROM setting
2-1 Is the indoor EEPROM setting, item code 0B, on the indoor unit’s control PC board set to 0001?


After correcting the set-ting, 3-1
No 4-1
3 Indoor EXCT wiring 3-1 Is the indoor EXCT socket (wire) shorted? Yes  Correct wiring
No 4-1
4 Indoor unit’s control PC board 4-1 Is the alarm triggered if the indoor EXCT socket (wire) is disconnected, and the power is reset? Yes  4-3
No  4-2
  4-2 Since there is no error, see what happens.
  4-3 Indoor unit control PC board error replace PC board.