Fehlercodes: P16_ECOi_ME1

Alarm Code P16
Alarm meaning Compressor 1 (INV) overcurrent alarm.
Alarm conditions

This alarm occurs when current trouble or current detection trouble occur (when trouble judgment current is detected in the primary or secondary current, or when an instantaneous secondary current of 18A* or higher is detected).
* Changed to output error by current regardless of the inverter frequency.
  In addition, there are 6 horsepower and 10 horsepower compressors.

  1.  When more than the over-current values shown in the table were detected in the primary            and secondary current.

             6 horsepower compressors 18 A     18 A
           10 horsepower compressors       21 A     21 A

2. When more than the current values shown in the table are instantly detected in the                     secondary current.

             6 horsepower compressors  28 A
           10 horsepower compressors        36 A

Probable cause There is a strong possibility of a compressor failure. An alarm occurs for current detection trouble when it is judged that no current is flowing after start (DCCT is damaged). In this case, the cause is a DCCT failure.
Check Check the power wiring and connector wiring.
Correction It is possible to resolve this trouble by limiting the maximum frequency.