Fehlercodes: P22_Mini_ECOi

Outdoor Fan Motor Error

1. Error Detection Method

It is judged an error when the outdoor fan motor's rotating signal cannot be detected normally.

2. Error Diagnosis

1 Wiring 1-1 Are the connectors “CN-FMA”, “CN-FMB”, “CN-FM1”, and “CN-FM2” firmly connected to the outdoor control PC board (lock engaged)? Yes 2-1
No Correct the connector
2 Outdoor fan motor 2-1 Disconnect the connectors “CN-FMA”, “CN-FMB”, “CN-FM1”, and “CN-FM2” from the outdoor control PC board and rotate the outdoor fan by hand; does it rotate freely? (Check the outdoor fan motor lock) Yes 3-1
No Replace the outdoor control PC board.
3 Outdoor control PC board 3-1  Turn the power on and run the unit again; is P22 triggered again? Or can you see or hear anything that is obviously wrong in its rotation?  Yes  3-2
No  3-3 
3-2 Replace the outdoor control PC board. (If it fails to operate normally even after replacing the outdoor control PC board, replace the outdoor fan motor.)
3-3 If there is nothing particularly out of the ordinary, see what happens.